About Us

Leaving Our Mark on WNY for Over 80 Years

Headquartered in Albion, New York, Keeler Construction is a family-owned and operated general contractor in the heavy highway construction industry. Keeler Construction primarily serves government agencies through publicly bid work, while also taking on a small portion of private work for other companies and clients. Keeler Construction proudly specializes in road construction, paving, earthwork, installment of underground utilities, shoreline protection, and various bridge projects throughout the Western New York area.

Rooted in strong family values consisting of hard-work, perseverance, and integrity, Keeler Construction has been blessed to build and maintain a strong and dedicated workforce of employees; many of whom have been with Keeler Construction for several decades. The multi-generational workforce Keeler Construction has built is how they have kept their core values and expertise alive since their founding in 1942. Keeler Construction deeply values their relationships with their employees, customers, subcontractors, and suppliers, which is why providing a safe working environment for everyone is of the utmost importance and reflected in all that they do.

Keeler Construction looks forward to paving the road ahead by continuing to build on the foundation they’ve created over the past 80 years. Keeler Construction would like to express its sincerest gratitude to all of those who have helped Keeler Construction become one of the top road contractors in Western New York; your contributions do not go unnoticed. There is no greater sense of pride to Keeler Construction than to see all that has been accomplished as a team to help improve Western New York’s infrastructure and we look forward to continuing to leave our mark on Western New York for many years to come.

Humble Beginnings

Keeler Construction began in 1942 when Henry “Hank” Keeler and his wife Celia used their savings to buy a trenching machine and began providing drainage work for local farmers in the Orleans County area. Around 1943 Hank acquired a local excavating business located in Barre, New York and with that came some power shovels, a dump truck, and a trailer. From that point on the business began experiencing steady growth, as there were not many shovels in the area and there was substantial farm drainage and improvement work to be done.

By 1948 Keeler Construction acquired bulldozers and some paving equipment and they began paving driveways and parking lots. The steady growth of nearby villages in Orleans and Genessee County in the early 1950’s provided Keeler Construction with the opportunity to take on contracts to provide street work for the villages. By the late 1950’s New York State, with the help of the Federal Government, undertook a massive highway and bridge improvement program. With the decline of demand for traditional farmwork that the company had previously been doing, as well as having the required equipment and experienced employees, Keeler Construction began focusing more on public works construction consisting of highways, bridges, airports, parks and parkways, railroad work, and heavy utilities.

Today Keeler Construction is proud to be in its third generation of being a family-owned and operated business. Keeler Construction remains a cornerstone of the Western New York heavy highway construction industry. With a legacy of over 80 years the company continues to be a trusted partner for both public and private sector projects, contributing to the region’s development and progress. Keeler Construction’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and adaptability ensures that Keeler Construction will remain a vital part of Western New York’s infrastructure growth for years to come.

Let's Build Together